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Terms and Conditions

you need to know this before you join our database

Research costs companies a lot of money and resources. The Brand Surgeon is extremely well respected within the Research Industry because of the quality of our respondent and the excellent way in which we recruit.

Please do not apply for a group if you think for any reason, you may not be able to attend. Groups run on a minimum number of participants and if let us down, the market research group may not give the client the information they need. At least if you let us know, we can possibly replace you and give someone else the opportunity. If someone agrees to attend a discussion and reconfirms and then does not turn up, you will be blacklisted from our database and we can never use you again.

You may only attend 2 groups per year. However, an in-home visit, shopper visit, mystery shop or online survey is less limited.

Our industry body, SAMRA now has a system in place where your ID number is recorded at a research group and uploaded to a central database. Companies like ours are required to send their respondents to be checked prior to the group and removed if they are on the central database. Those who attend multiple groups or events and try to lie about their attendance will be asked to leave the group, without being paid. You will also be blacklisted on our database and we will not ever be able to use you in research again. Our system will bar you from being able to go in and register.

Original Identity Document or Drivers Licence must be present on arrival at your group or event. Please do not sign up using a “Fake Name”. This simply wastes our time as you will need to present positive ID at the group.

When attending an event you receive an incentive for your “input”. This means you need to speak and participate. If you are “mute” during the session, you will not be paid an incentive, as you did not participate. All sessions are recorded so we will be provided with proof thereof.

You may not attend a group with a family member, friend, relative or anybody that you know unless the group specifically requires this and you have been informed to do so accordingly.  You may invite or refer a friend etc. to attend the project for another day / study if the invitation / event permits it.

You need to arrive at the session at least 10 minutes prior, to the stated starting time. Should you arrive late, you will not be able to participate and you will not receive an incentive.

Thank you for your input and we always appreciate your valued feedback.

Please note: The Brand Surgeon will not share or sell your information to anyone – we use your details ONLY to recruit for surveys/ discussions we are paid to do!