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The Brand Surgeon has been a leading Market Research Company for over a decade

What do we do? It costs companies millions to launch new products, services, advertising & packaging. So, we connect them with you so that they can check out that what they’re doing is really what you (the target customer) really wants/ needs.

Our clients are from industries including food, beverage, banking, Insurance, cars, education, Satellite TV, phones, telecoms and more. So, the more info we have on you, the easier it is to see if perhaps you meet the criteria our client needs for the specific research project.

The Brand Surgeon Market Research Group Recruiting Johannesburg Cape Town South Africa

Paying R600 The Brand Surgeon needs creative African 18-26yr olds who have 800 or more followers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchap, Youtube or any blog/ live-stream sites for 2 hour Market Research discussion..

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More About Us

We do group discussions (usually 2 hours), 1-on-1 interviews, in-home visits, in-store research, shop along visits; and you usually get between R400- R800 (depends what time it is, if there is homework, what kind of people we need etc).

The groups cost the clients tens of thousands (just paying 10 consumers can cost R5000, plus the venue, group leader / moderator, snacks and drinks), so if you know you are not the most reliable person, this is NOT for you! The groups are usually interesting and you get to meet new people and everyone who has done a group for us is always keen to do others.

You can only attend about 2 groups a year, but it is GREAT fun and good pocket money. We have over 20 000 people on our database and send over 500 people to groups / online surveys each month, so we are always looking for new people. It is free to join and the more information you can give us, the more accurately we can target you when you fit the profile clients ask for.

Hope we can help you make some spare cash soon!